Using SailPay with a definable tender key

We are in the process of fully integrating the Registroid apps with Verifone's SailPay system. Until we complete that change, you can  have the Registroid app run the SailPay app as an external app:
Registroid Pro:
1. In the Keyboard maintenance screen, add the "Tender 4" key to your keyboard.
2. From the Settings->Default screen, scroll to the Ext. Tender 4 App input box.
3. Enter "com.verifone.sail" (Make sure it's all in lower case)
4. Change the Tender 4 name to "SailPay"
5. Touch the [Save] button on the bottom of the screen.
Skip past the Registroid Cloud instructions.

Registroid Cloud:
1. From one of your devices, go into the Keyboard define screen and add the "Tender 4" key to your keyboard.
2. Touch the Settings tab.
3. Scroll down to the Definable Tender 4 name.
4. Change the Tender 4 name to "Sail Pay"
6. Enter "com.verifone.sail" in the Tender 4 Ext. App Name (Make sure it's all in lower case)
7. Back out to the main Register screen

To use the new "SailPay" tender key:
1. Enter a sale, and press [Subtotal].
2. Remember the sale amount.
3. Touch the new [SailPay] button to run the SailPay app.
4. Enter your PIN number, and continue to enter the data into the SailPay app.
5. When done, press and hold the [Home] button. Touch the "Registroid Cloud" (or "Registroid Pro") screen in the recent apps.
6. Touch the new [SailPay] button again to finalize the sale, or touch another tender key is the card was not authorized.

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