If a printer is not working for the Cloud apps

 If a printer is not working, try the following steps to help determine the source of the problem. As you progress through the steps, you can test the printer by either touching the Test Printer button in the application under Devices or the Reprint button on the point-of-sale screen.

     Confirm that the printer is powered on.

     Check to see if the printer has paper.

     Check to see if the printer cables are connected.

     Unplug and re-plug the printer cables. Then test printer to see if it recovers.

     Check to see if an error light is flashing on the receipt printer.

     If an error light is not flashing, turn the printer off, wait 30 seconds, and then turn it back on.

     If an error light is flashing, refer to the user manual or contact the manufacturer to resolve this matter.

     Confirm the Printer Settings for the printer on the Registroid application.

     From the point-of-sale screen in the Registroid application, go to maintenance, go to settings, and go to devices.

     Confirm that the correct printer is selected under Receipt Printer Model: Network, Bluetooth, or USB. If the correct printer is not selected, select the correct one.

     Confirm that IP Address or settings of the printer located in the Registroid application is correct.

     If the IP Address is missing or not correct, then enter the printer’s IP Address. Make sure to Save and Test Printer.

     Confirm that the ‘Always print receipt?’ box in the Back Office (located in the Maintenance Menu, in System Data) is checked or the ‘Always Print Receipt’ (located in the Maintenance Menu, touch the settings tab, then the devices tab) is checked in the application on the device.

     If checked, a receipt will always be printed at the end of the cash sale.

     If not checked, the clerk will have to touch the ‘Reprint’ button to print receipt at the end of a cash sale.

A credit card receipt will always print regardless if the "Always print receipt?" is checked or not checked.




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