Kitchen Display app

These can be any cheap tablet that can connect to your WiFi. WalMart has some decent ones called Double Power. The 9" is $99.99, and the 7" is $69.99.
You can download the Kitchen Display app from the back office Download menu to install on the kitchen tablets.

You then need to define the Kitchen Displays in the Kitchen Devices maintenance screen in the back office. If you're going to have one in the kitchen and one in the bar, then define 2 of them and name them appropriately.

Now, in Department Maintenance, you need to define which departments go to what kitchen display. Just check the boxes on each department, and save.

When you run the Kitchen Display app on the tablet, you will be prompted for your User Name, Password, and Kitchen Display Name. Enter the User Name, Password and a name from the Kitchen Devices screen that you added, then touch Validate. If validated, press OK. The Log in screen won't be displayed again unless the app has trouble logging in.

The kitchen display will then show all orders that need to be prepared.
You can scroll the screen left and right to see more tickets.
Touch [Close Ticket] when the order has been prepared.

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