Add the Socket Mobile Bluetooth Scanner

To setup the scanner to send data to the Registroid:
1. Download the "Command Barcodes Sheet" from
2. Scan the following barcodes:
  a) Factory Reset (page 110)
  b) Power the scanner back on
  c) SPP Mode (page 90)
  d) Raw Mode (page 111)

Here are the steps to add the scanner to the Registroid:
1. In the Settings->Devices tab, scroll down to the Bluetooth Scanner Name and press [Refresh] next to the dropdown list.
2. Touch the dropdown list and select the scanner. It should be called "Socket CHS (xxxxxx)"
3. Near the bottom of the screen, touch the [Save] button to save the definition.
4. Touch the [Test Scanner] button.
5. Scan a barcode. The barcode should show next to the [Save] button as :Scan:###########.

If this works, press the Back button to return to the register screen.
You should just be able to scan a barcode to sell an item (don't press the [Scan] button which is only for the camera scan function).

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